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  1. Fri, 2015/12/18

    Statement on behalf of UNFPA delivered by Dr. Monique Rakotomalala, Representative, UNFPA

    Cooperation; the Embassy of Spain in Ethiopia; UNFPA; and all of our partners ... region of Ethiopia, a recent study showed, the median age at marriage among ... the lives of men, women, and children in parts of Ethiopia? The result ...

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  2. Fri, 2015/12/18

    UNFPA to procure satellite imagery and services to CSA

    of the agreement, Monique Rakotomalala, Country Representative of UNFPA to Ethiopia ... infrastructure to support the urbanization process in Ethiopia. The satellite ...

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  3. Fri, 2015/12/18

    UNFPA hands over CD4 machine to orphanage

    and strategies for implementing UNFPA Ethiopia's 6 th Country Programme ... violence,” noted Monique Rakotomalala, UNFPA Representative to Ethiopia making ...

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  4. Fri, 2015/12/18

    UN and Ethiopia agree on development action plan

    UNDP, and WFP- and Ethiopia 's Ministry of Finance and Economic ... and the government of Ethiopia, in a show of decentralization, it was the first time ... we serve,” said Monique Rakotomalala, UNFPA Ethiopia Country Office ...

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  5. Fri, 2015/12/18

    UNFPA Facilitates Presentation on new CD4 Machine

    at the Cytometry For Life (C4L) Program and Research Coordinator for C4L in Ethiopia ... of Ethiopia (HAPCO) will fully support the implementation of the device here,” ... the advocacy component of the UN joint initiative on HIV/AIDS. In Ethiopia, UNFPA ...

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  6. Fri, 2015/12/18

    Ethiopia launches national youth strategy

     (AYRH) for Ethiopia was launched on Tuesday (10 April) ... issues,” said Monique Rakotomalala, UNFPA's Representative to Ethiopia ... now and 2015, the Ethiopia youth strategy is primarily geared towards ...

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  7. Fri, 2015/12/18

    Women race to end violence in the Ethiopian millennium

    of Ethiopia 's capital Addis Ababa on Sunday, April 1, 2007 in a bid to end ... marketing company- Concern Ethiopia, Irish Aid, Sheraton Addis, Addis Ababa ... Ethiopia 's Asselefech Mergia won the 2007 Confidence WOMEN FIRST Run ...

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  8. Fri, 2015/12/18

    NEWS UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Kunio Waki visits Ethiopia

    UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Kunio Waki visited Ethiopia ... in the country, Mr. Waki met with Government of Ethiopia officials including ... with close partners of UNFPA Ethiopia and visited UNFPA supported projects ...

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  9. Fri, 2015/12/18

    Ministry of Health Launches Reproductive Health Strategy

    Ministry of Health celebrated International Women's Day on March 8th, 2006 by launching the Reproductive Health Strategy of Ethiopia ... the Reproductive Health Strategy of Ethiopia. Off ...

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  10. Fri, 2015/10/30

    Executive Director of UNFPA partner organization wins award

    AWSAD is operating two safe houses in Ethiopia for survivors of violence ... in Ethiopia. Law enforcement bodies are continuously referring cases to the safe ...

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