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  1. Mon, 2015/12/21

    International Day of the Girl Child Commemorated

    decade. Ethiopia has one of the highest child marriage prevalence rates ... indicates that Ethiopia is one of the developing countries where progress has ... for themselves and their families. Government of Ethiopia together ...

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  2. Mon, 2015/12/21

    Midwives Convened in Ethiopia on an Inter-Regional Workshop

    he 4-day Annual UNFPA-ICM Midwifery Programme Review Workshop involving 60 participants from 30 countries from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean started today. The workshop is being held with the purpose of strengthening regulatory measures that will further ...

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  3. Mon, 2015/12/21

    UNFPA holds high level advocacy workshop

    5 years in 69 countries- one among which is Ethiopia- where unmet need ... also marks the adoption of the Population Policy in Ethiopia. In the last ...

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  4. Mon, 2015/12/21

    Midwives graduate under the Accelerated Midwifery Programme

    regions in Ethiopia has the aim of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality ... in Ethiopia due to pregnancy and child birth and only 10 percent of them ... midwives. The day was observed in Ethiopia for the 20th time and had the theme ...

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  5. Mon, 2015/12/21

    UNFPA Coordinates High Level UN Executive Boards visit

    concluded a joint field visit to Ethiopia conducted over 10 days between 22 ... to learn firsthand how the UN is supporting Ethiopia in achieving its ... discussions with senior officials of the federal government of Ethiopia as well ...

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  6. Mon, 2015/12/21

    Two districts in Afar Region declare abandonment of FGM/C

    that these hard earned commitments are not compromise," he noted. Ethiopia ... implemented in Ethiopia, ranks second in the prevalence of FGM/C in the country ...

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  7. Mon, 2015/12/21

    High level advocacy meeting on Stopping Early Marriage conducted

    on the event Woizero Azeb Mesfin, First Lady of Ethiopia and Board Chairperson ...

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  8. Mon, 2015/12/21

    The World at 7 Billion Campaign wound up

    The World at 7 billion campaign has wound up today with the recognition of the 7th Billion baby from Ethiopia at a ceremony held at Gandhi ... with the recognition of the 7th Billion baby from Ethiopia at a ceremony held at Gandhi ...

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  9. Mon, 2015/12/21

    UNFPA launched State of World Population 2011

    Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has the theme  People and possibilities ... State Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia, said ... China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria ...

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  10. Mon, 2015/12/21

    National Consultation Conference held with Faith Based Organizations

    The Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia, in collaboration ... Council of Ethiopia, noted that Faith-based organizations are making significant contributions to development in Ethiopia. He said "Faith-Based ...

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