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Date: 28/08/2020

Request for Quotation No. UNFPA/ETH/RFQ/2020/019


Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby solicit your quotation for the Supply of Surgical Mask, type IIR, non-sterile, disposable and   Gloves, examination, nitrile, powder free, non-sterile

Item N°

Product Name

Product Description

Unit of Measure


















































Surgical Mask, type IIR, non-sterile, disposable








































Gloves, examination, nitrile, powder free, non-sterile


Surgical Mask, type IIR, non-sterile, disposable

General description:
Mask, surgical, type IIR, tie strap, disposable.
Medical mask covering the nose, mouth and chin, designed to limit transmission of infectious agents exhaled by the nose and mouth of the wearer, and additionally to protect the wearer against liquid splashes.

Technical specifications:
. Splash resistant, type IIR surgical mask.
. Bacterial filtering efficiency (BFE): equal to or greater than 98%.
. Differential pressure (breathability)/Breathing resistance: equal to or < 49 Pa.
. Splash resistance pressure: greater than 120 mmHg (tested in accordance with ASTM F1862 standard).
. Fabric, non-woven with outer layer impervious liquid splash resistant material, f.e. polyethylene.
. Comprised of 3 or 4 non-woven folded layers, shape completely covering nose, mouth and chin.
. Clearly identifiable inner and outer surfaces.
. Malleable nose strip, made of aluminum, allowing a snug fit.
. With attached 2 x 2 tie-straps, allowing correct fixation and securing at the back of the head.
. Size (indicative): 15-19 cm x 9-11 cm (l x w). Unfolded 175 x 175 mm.
. Latex-free, glass fibre-free
. Non-sterile
. Single use, disposable
. Conform requirements of EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42 (or equivalent internationally recognized marketing clearance).
. In specific, compliant with the EN 14683 standard Conformity requirements (WHO):
• EU MDD directive 93/42/EEC Class I or IIa ,or equivalent,
• EN 14683 Type IIR (or minimum Type II)
• ASTM F2100 minimum level 1 or equivalent.

Intended use:
Worn by the medical staff or most typically by the contagious patient. The surgical mask prevents the contamination spread to the people surrounding and the environment (air, surface, products…) around the wearer and protects the wearer against liquid splashes. Not to be reused after removing from the face. The mask must be replaced at least every 3 hours. Always wash hands before fitting and after removing the mask.
Note! A surgical mask does not protect the wearer against airborne infectious agents (coronavirus, TB, viral haemorrhagic fever, measles, varicella, SARS, avian influenza, etc.). In such cases, it is advisable to wear a respiratory protective mask rated FFP2 (complies with european standards) or N95 (complies with american standards).

Packaging and labelling:
Packaging: One (1) unit in a protective packaging.
Manufacturer name and address.
ISO 15223
CE mark (+EC REP), FDA and equivalent.
Lot/batch, MFD and expiry date.
Word ‘non-sterile, single use, disposable.’
Comes with instructions for use.for type IIR (or
equivalent international standard).


Gloves, examination, nitrile, powder free, non-sterile

Product description:
Long-cuffed glove for clinical examinations and routine clinical laboratory work. Contains 5 fingers, palm and a sleeve.
Disposable, non-powdered and non-sterile nitrile gloves are used to protect both patient, staff and environment from cross-contamination after handling infectious substances.
Gloves should have long cuffs, reaching well above the wrist, ideally to mid-forearm.

Technical Specifications:
Fits either hand (ambidextrous shape).
Material: 100% Nitrile.
Powder free (non-powdered).
Single-use, disposable.
Sizes available: S, M, L and XL.

Size Medium dimensions:
Total length: minimum 280mm.
Width: 95 mm, +/- 10mm.
Thickness: fingers:approx.  0.12mm; palm: 0.8mm.

Conformity requirements (WHO):
• EU MDD Directive 93/42/EEC Class I or IIa,
EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 Category III,
• EN 455,
• EN 374,
• ANSI/ISEA 105,
• ASTM D6319, or equivalent set of standards

Intended use:
Strictly single use.
A non-powdered glove, allowing the use of hydroalcoholic solution as hand cleanser.
Wash hands before and after use of gloves.
To be worn only on dry hands.
Once removed, the gloves should be disposed of according to waste management rules. Never reuse.
Store below 30°C protected from sunlight, heat and humidity.

Packaging and labelling:
Unit presentation: Hundred (100) gloves per box (50 pairs).
Symbols used according ISO 15223.
CE Mark
Manufacturer name and address.
Lot/batch information.
Must have words "non-powdered", or equivalent.
Must indicate compliance to PPE 2016/425 Category III.
Must indicate ‘non-sterile, single use’.
Must indicate ‘latex free’.






















































































Delivery: DAP,2020,  Incoterms, Adama Warehouse, UNFPA

Delivery Date: From Stock: With in two Consecutive Weeks ( 14 days) from the issuances of the Purchase Order



The required supplies is to be delivered within a maximum of two weeks upon issuing of PO.   The quotation shall be valid at least for three month after the closing date.


If you are interested in submitting a quotation for these items, kindly fill in the attached Quotation Form and send by email to   or you can submit in hard copy to the below address:


Name of contact person at UNFPA:

Donaldo Chiuz / Ermias Wosenyeleh

Tel Nº:

251-115444281  /  251115444072/0911-661151

Fax Nº:


UNECA Compound, Cong Bldg 1st floor, UNFPA ETH Office

Email address of contact person: 


Your earliest response to this query would be highly appreciated, but not later than 07/09/2020, on or before 03:30 PM Addis Ababa time.


Content of Quotations

Quotations should be submitted in one envelop whenever possible. Quotations must contain:

             -- The bidder need to have renewed trade license in related business area of the requested items and required Health certificates: EFDA etc

- Price quotation, to be submitted strictly in accordance with Price Quotation Form.

- The bidder can quote for all or for each line items

-The bidder need to submit the required minimum medical documentations such as: EC certifications/ FDA Clearances, a signed and dated Declaration of Conformity according to ISO 17050

-Photo of the required two products and their package with clear visibility either in PDF or JPE format.

- Alternative bidding is not allowed.


Please submit your quotation in ETB Birr currency. Conversion of currency into the UNFPA preferred currency, if the offer is quoted differently from what is required, shall be based only on UN Operational Exchange Rate prevailing at the time of competition deadline.


Note: Current UNFPA supplier policies apply to this solicitation and can be found at:


Best regards,


Name of Contact Person in UNFPA: Ermias Wosenyeleh

Tel. No.251115-444072/251911-661151