Data for Development

UNFPA is working with the government to better understand how population dynamics influence and are influenced by various development factors, and how people can become resilient in the face of the various challenges related to population pressure.

UNFPA is the lead UN Agency in supporting Population and Development, especially in the generation of gender disaggregated data and information on population and reproductive health and integration of population issues into development plans and policies. A particular emphasis in this regard is promoting the understanding of emerging population issues such the implications of the Demographic Dividend for national development.

Sound census data are central to the monitoring of the 2030 agenda. In this area, we are playing a key role in supporting censuses, demographic and health surveys, and other large-scale data-gathering exercises, and providing technical support for the analysis and dissemination of the information generated. We are the lead agency in coordinating resource mobilization for the undertaking of these exercises.

As part of this Country Programme we are providing support for the 4th Population and Housing Census of Ethiopia.  We are also providing support for the setting up of a functional Integrated Management Information System both at national and regional levels.